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Last Updated:
May 20th 2007

Never Forget
The Violet Aura does not prescribe, treat or diagnose any conditions for you. Any information given is purely suggestion and is followed at your own discretion and decision.

~ Aura Parties by The Violet Aura ~


If you have had your fill of Basket and Kitchen Gadget Parties - then you must experience an Aura Party Hosted by The Violet Aura. We can present entertaining parties with a deeper spiritual meaning. You can sponsor an event your friends will be talking about for years to come!

To schedule your event:
Email us at info@thevioletaura.com
Or call us: 973-948-0844


An Aura Party combines the technology of Aura Imaging and the art of Aura-Soma®. For your Aura Party, The Violet Aura will come to your location, where we will provide each of your guests with an aura photo, an explanation of their photo and an informative discussion on the aura and what the various colors mean. Before you or your guests are photographed, you will be invited to experience the self-selective healing art of Aura-Soma®. Aura-Soma® consists of an array of 100, or so, vibrantly colored bottles. Each bottle has a number, a frequency, and a main theme. Part of the fun of the experience will be to write down the specific number of the bottles you are most drawn to. This is a fun and enlightening experience for you and your guests.

Hostess Requirements:
Host/Hostess will provide the location; there will be a fee of $40 per person with a minimum requirement of 10 people and the Host/Hostess is free. The host/hostess will need to collect the monies from each guest, a $20 non-refundable deposit is due in advance and the balance is due the day of the party.

If paying by check you will need a valid driver's license and there is a $25 fee for returned checks.

For groups of 20 or more call for Special Group Rates.

The Violet Aura's Aura Camera is great for party planning companies, promotions, grand openings, festivals, holiday events, weddings, celebrations, malls and the list goes on.

The Violet Aura will be happy to customize any of our Aura Parties to meet your specific needs.

Expos, Shows, Conferences & Conventions
Hire The Violet Aura for your local expos, shows, conferences and conventions. Socially engaging and Insightful! Great for company promotions, Impress potential clients as well as your employees with an image of their unique energy field. The Violet Aura's Aura Photography is very popular in alternative health expos, women's shows, massage therapists conferences, Chiropractic conventions and the list goes on including any events on the cutting edge.

Call The Violet Aura for details
on how to utilize Aura-Imaging
to support your existing healing modalities!

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