"Forget about my sign, want to see my Aura?"
- Anderson Cooper, Anderson Cooper 360° (CNN)

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May 20th 2007

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Energetic, Survivalist, Passionate, Agressive

Heathyre the Webmaster
Creative Inner Mind, Expressive, Communication

Experiencing Growth, Creative, Emotiona

Sunny, Burning, Passionate, Growing, Sexy

Trust, Loyalty, Devotion, Peace, Communication

Peaceful, Calm, Magical, Non-Judgemental

Magical, Dreamer, Creative, Loving

Emotional, Perseverance, Magical, Spiritualy Motivated


Appears to be Relaxed, Creativity, Strong

Unusual Charm & Charisma, Loving, Higher Communication

Anderson Cooper
(Click here for Transcript)
Visionary, Leadership, Intellect, Communication

Lara & Yael
Marafanyi Percussion.

Magic, Healing, Empathy, Spiritually Motivated

Adelaïde Maria Aibel

Communication, Visionary, Spiritually Motivated

Brayden w/Mom (6/4/06)
Age in Photograph: 3

Magic, Visionary,
Growth, Learning.

Alyssa (6/24/2007)
Age in Photograph: 4

Creative, Dreamer, Growing, Learning, Magic, Spiritualy Motivated

"Best Friends" (06/04/06)
Kelcie & Pam

Higher Communication, Spiritualy Motivated, Unusual Charm & Charisma.
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