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May 20th 2007

Never Forget
The Violet Aura does not prescribe, treat or diagnose any conditions for you. Any information given is purely suggestion and is followed at your own discretion and decision.

~ Auras ~

In the temporary use of language there is the word "Aura" but the meaning can be quite different. For most people the aura is only the radiance of human beings but for scientists it is a concrete, existing energy field around living creatures. The aura is formed by subtle color radiances which surround the body of a human being. These radiances can be perceived by psychics. Each colour signifies a certain vibration which has different meanings.

The aura which is connected with the activity of the chakras (Sanskrit: energy wheel) reflects the individual state of consciousness. So the colours of the aura give us information about the quality of consciousness, about emotions, thoughts, abilities and vital energies of a person.

The history of auras goes back far into the past. Natural tribes, the christina mystics of the middle age, painters and artists of all ages showed the aura in a radiant, shining ray of lights around man, animal or plant. This information which can be perceived by sensitive and psychic people has been researched and proved scientifically in the last decades. Modern scientists measure the aura as a electromagnetic field around living creatures.

The first aura photo was made by the genius scientist Nicola Tesla in 1891. The Soviet Union did research in several tests in the 60ies. Until 1975 the aura was measured and photographed in universities with great precision worldwide.

In the early seventies and eighties there were some 'garage' companies in the area which is now known as Silicon Valley and Apple Computer is the most famous of them. While others were involved with information technology and were developing products for the age of spacecrafts which we know well today one man looked into a different direction. In the 3rd decade in which Guy Coggins has been producing aura cameras, we know realize that it wouldn't be possible to think of aura photography with out him.

Guy Coggins (Creater of The Violet Aura's Aura Camera) says:
"I knew that the human energy field is in constant motion and I wanted to be able to measure this energy and all its changes while they were happening. I knew that the ability to do this would be a powerful tool for healers, therapists and people of all kind."

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